Taking the stress out of selling your car online
May 20, 2015

Getting your car ready for sale


Getting your car back to showroom condition can get you significantly more money when you sell it. Here’s our top tips for getting your car tip top!

Cleaning every, nook, cranny and mark

Getting your car looking like a million bucks is the first step in getting maximum value back on any sale.

  • First things first, give your car a thorough (on the verge of OCD) clean inside and out. Recondition all plastic and vinyl as well as giving the carpets a shampoo for that new-car smell that will really impress potential buyers.
  • Pay attention to the areas that some people may never see. Degrease your engine bay and remove any dirt/ grease underneath the vehicle.
  • Once you’ve got it as clean as your skills permit – take it to get professionally detailed inside and out. At this point you can have any minor scratches and dings fixed up
  • Now that your car is looking 100%, you probably don’t want to sell it! Remind yourself of why you are getting rid of it and start taking photos of the exterior, engine bay, interior and odometer.

Time to take care of the paperwork

Paperwork is often left till the last stage of sales process, however ensuring that you’re ready to sell can save a lot of work later down the line.

  • Double check that your servicing and log books are up to date.
  • Get a quick roadworthy – and fix up anything that mat prevent you from passing.
  • Go online for a VIN check to make sure that everything checks out
  • Grab the correct paperwork for vehicle registration transfer from your local department of transport

It’s time to get rid of that car!

  • You’ve got your vehicle looking perfect and the paperwork is all in order, now its just time to find a buyer and get some money for your vehicle. The selling process can be even more of a nightmare than getting the car ready, so we recommend taking the car to a car buying house and seeing what sort of price you could get today without having to mess around with tyre-kickers and time wasters.

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