What you need to know about selling a car under finance
May 19, 2015

The Advantages of Selling your Car to a Commercial Car Buyer


There are a number of reasons why commercial car buyers are becoming increasingly popular. The service’s strength lies within a combination of benefits outlined in this article.

Sell your car fast

Cars are generally valued on the spot so you can get a price within minutes. At this time you then have the option to accept this price with payments often received same-day.

Car Buyers are convenient

Take the struggle out of selling privately. There’s not listings, private inspections and you don’t have to go to the effort of getting photos for your car’s ad. Just call up, walk in or email – it couldn’t be easier!

Added Safety

When you advertise your car and invite someone around to inspect it, you could be inviting anyone into your house. Selling to a reputable business is safe and easy.

It’s free!

There’s no listing fees or commissions that selling online or through a newspaper may charge.

Getting started is easy, simply visit Car Buyers Online to see how easy selling your car can be!

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